Running trim for a building construction project
Millwork for Commercial, Residential and Historic Projects

Heritage Restoration and Design, established in 1820, has earned a respected reputation for the manufacturing and distribution of fine quality millwork including wood moldings, historic millwork replication, picture frames, railings and balusters, capitals and columns as well as many other items. We work primarily in solid and engineered woods, resin extrusions and castings. Our millwork products can be used both in indoor and outdoor settings, depending on the project parameters and materials chosen.

Basic Materials Options

Presently, individual project needs and requirements are varied. It is common that exotic wood species will be required to achieve the desired end result. Heritage has suppliers across the United States and source virtually any wood or engineered material necessary. Depending on the scope and scale of your project, we may stock your material.

Wood species that we commonly use:

  • Red Oak - Plain Sawn, Rift and Quartered
  • White Oak - Plain Sawn, Rift and Quartered
  • Poplar - Various Cuts and Clarity
  • Hard Maple
  • Soft Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Pine
  • Birch
  • African Sapele
  • Cedars
  • Many other unique species

As mentioned above, there are many situations where traditional solid wood millwork is not a viable option, however; Heritage offers a wide variety of other materials. We are constantly experimenting with modern products and materials to develop cutting edge solutions to modern day construction problems. Below is a partial list of some of the materials that we found to be useful for our customer's needs:

  • Torrified Lumber
  • Accoya Lumber
  • Reclaimed Lumber
  • Engineered Lumber
  • Flexible Lumber
  • Acrylics
  • MDF
  • Extruded Resin
  • Cast Resin
  • Cast Marble Moldings
Common Running Trim Profiles

In our quest to develop products and solutions for our clients, we have carved, sanded, and finished countless miles of running trim in a variety of materials. Over the years we have compiled a vast library of our own custom profiles, in addition to the huge collection of molding profiles that we have access to through our many suppliers. If you are looking for a particular style of molding, we can make it, find it, or we already have it.

Categories our moldings usually fall under:

  • Crown Molding
  • Multi-part Crown Molding
  • Chair Rail
  • Picture and Plate Rail
  • Base Board
  • Multi-part Base Molding
  • Casing
  • Hand Rail
  • Bar Rail
  • Stops
  • Cap and Shoe
  • Wainscoting
Carvings, Turnings, and Specialized Wood Working

We take great pride in our carving and turnings capabilities. In the world of quality architectural millwork, it is common that components will need to have a carved element beyond that of a running profile. Perhaps a client desires to have their company logo carved into a wainscot system, or carved figurines and scenes are required to ornament a frieze. For more information, please see our specialties section where we talk more about our 3D Scanning & CNC.

Heritage offers a wealth of products and experience in the world of architectural millworking.


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