EPA Lead Safe Logo

Heritage is happy to announce that we are an EPA Certified Lead Safe Firm. To achieve this classification for lead abatement, members of Heritage's staff have certified themselves in Right Renovate Lead Abatement Practices. This national certification requires that our workmen follow strict practices to identify lead based coatings, then contain and remove them safely.

About Heritage's work:

Federal law mandates that any company that disturbs painted surfaces from before 1978 to be certified to follow specific work practices in order to prevent lead contamination. Lead poisoning, particularly through the dust that is a byproduct of renovations, poses a severe danger to the occupants of homes, buildings, schools, or child care facilities. As such, the restoration industry takes safety seriously. Work zones are cordoned off from public access during projects, and are given thorough cleanings after renovations have been completed.

Additional information on lead poisoning prevention can be found on the website of the National Lead Information Center: epa.gov/lead/mlic