Heritage Restoration and Design Studio is happy to announce that we are certified to use the JAHN Mortar and the rest of the product line produced by Cathedral Stone, Inc. Cathedral Stone is based out of Maryland, and is an importer of quality masonry products from Europe. “This is another great feather in our cap here at Heritage Restoration. Coupling our past experience with masonry and statuary repair with this new product line will really be of great benefit to our clients,” said Stephen Berlinger project manager at HRD.

What does it mean to be certified by Cathedral Stone?

Cathedral Stone values the uniqueness of its products in the marketplace. As such, only those who have gone through their certification process have access to the company’s full product lines. By becoming certified, HRD now has access to a wide range of products that with great properties for both interior and exterior stone repair.

It is important to note that all of these products are non-epoxy based. This is huge, as they allow for the proper amounts of moisture to enter and leave the stone. Other epoxy and latex abased stone fillers do not allow for moisture to pass through the patch at the same rates as what the actual stone allows for. Overtime these alternative patching methods will fail and create greater damage to the stone. “The cathedral stone certification has expanded my masonry repair abilities passed cement and mortar into the whole stone preservation world,” said Kory Stremlau, shop manager at HRD Studio, ”It has unlocked a brand new approach to the restoration and repair of stone. I am excited to see where this new ability takes Heritage and myself.”

Heritage Restoration now joins the ranks of only a few certified masonry restorers in the central Midwest.

Here is what this product line empowers us to restore:
  • Transverse Cracks in Masonry ◦ The tiniest cracks can lead to the biggest problems if left unchecked. Using specialized restoration mortars these cracks in cast stone, limestone, red stone, brown stone and marbles can be bonded back together. Then enter Heritage’s artistry skills where we, fill and tone the repairs to blend them in with the existing masonry and help make them disappear.
  • Weathered and Cracked Stone Repair ◦ Whether it is carved statuary, ornate cornice work, rough cut stone or smooth walls, these products can be used to blend in new repairs with the existing masonry. There are many techniques that Heritage can employ to create a product that will stand up to the most exacting standards.
  • Stone Castings ◦ If you have a complicated element that needs to be restored Heritage can use these products along side our historic replication and mold making techniques to cast replica stone elements to get added back into your masonry project.
  • Custom Balanced Historic Pointing Mortar ◦ Blended mortars that are tailor matched to the historic densities and compression strength of the traditional mortars used for limestone, sandstone, brick, and several universal types. These mortars can be used to accurately restore and repoint damaged elements with the same class of materials that were used in the olden days.
  • Stains, Toners and Clear Coats ◦ Heritage can tone, coat and stain new and existing masonry to get a better blend between their finished surfaces. Utilizing specialized pigments and coatings that allow for vapor permeability, we can custom blend colors to create all sorts of antique looks. Utilizing these clear coats, existing masonry can be preserved.
  • Expanded Masonry Strippers and Cleaning Agents ◦ This expands our masonry cleaning and stripping capabilities with these environment friendly solutions. All of these chemicals are water soluable and ready to eat away most masonry coatings including epoxies.
  • Our interior masonry cleaning agents are top notch and will be able to remove dust, dirt and smoke damage from stone. This is a particularly useful solution for church interiors.
  • Heritage also has access to a new series of mold and mildew cleaners that will do an excellent job of cleaning up most unwanted biological element safely off masonry and other surfaces.

Reach out to Heritage for more information. We would be happy to quote your statuary or masonry restoration project.

Gallery: HRD's Cathedral Stone Certification


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