Heritage Restoration was recently featured in the news for our part in the ongoing restoration of the Hale Memorial Church. This structure has stood in the West Bluff region of Peoria for well over a century. The church’s forty-two stained glass windows are compromised and nearing collapse. To prevent further deterioration, the property’s new owners have contracted Heritage to remove and stabilize the windows for storage.

In Depth

Hale Memorial Church has changed ownership many times since its construction. It was most recently acquired by the KDB Group headed by developer Kim Blinkenstaff. KDB has begun the extensive process of restoring the church. Weather, particularly water damage, has played a major role in driving the interior of the property into a daunting state of disrepair. A large effort is doing to be required to put Hale Memorial Church to rights. Before any restoration work could happen on the windows, the antique glass needed to be removed from the site. This proved challenging, as the lead that holds the glass together was giving way. Many cracks and breaks had to be stablized before the glass could be removed from their windows and placed into custom fitted storage crates. The glass will be kept in a climate-controlled location until the time comes to restore the forty two windows.

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