Heritage Restoration's Stephen Berlinger recently served as a guest speaker a a local grade school. Young students were exposed to painting and refinishing concepts with a variety of visual aids. It is our hope to spark an interest and excitement for the creative arts in the minds of these children.

In Depth

Heritage recently was contacted to come out to Don D Shute Elementary School in East Peoria, Illinois and expose some of her youngest students to the concepts of painting. It is part of community development section being taught to it's curious pre-k students.

"It is truly a heart warming experience to spend time talking and sharing with a group of excited young minds" said Stephen Berlinger, Chief of Operations for Heritage Restoration and Design Studio.

Stephen took some time out of his schedule to go and talk with the students. Many of whom and never even seen a paint brush before.

"The goal of the lecture/playtime with the kids and equipment was to expose them to the possibilities of what life has to offer. These youngsters got to see what tools painters got to use, from the tiniest of artist brushes all the way up to quart-cup spray guns."

Heritage dazzled the children with the concept of faux finishes, they got to see the "magic" of how blocks of wood could be made to look like verde marble or travertine. They got the opportunity to touch canvas and feel what the fibers are like on the ends of roller covers.

"I really enjoyed my time with the kids," said Stephen, "It was really awesome to watch their minds open to all the new information as they consider their own possibilities and painting skills. One young man came up to me and hand to tell me that he is working on watercolor painting with his grandfather. And that took me back. Back to when I first started painting with my father and grandfather. It is wonderful to see a renewed excitement in these children for the arts."

Contact Heritage Restoration and Design Studio if you would like to schedule a time for us to come to your class and talk with your students about fine painting and artwork.

*Photos provided courtesy of the staff of Don D Shute Elementary School.

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