A pair of living room furniture pieces were refinished. A coffee table and end table both received a fresh stain solution to enrich their hue and deepen the wood tone.

In Depth

The goal of this project was to precisely match the final color between the two tables and their multiple drawer fronts. To do so, the coffee table needed to be darkened into a range closer to the end table. This is achieved by applying multiple layers of the wood stain (in this case a deep bourbon) to the wood. After it dries, the stain is lightly sanded and then coated again. Do this enough times and the wood will reach a range where it can be matched to the darker surface of the end table.

This staining process takes a few days to complete. Drying time is the largest contributor to the amount of time involved in a refinishing project. Even with curing assist systems in place, this part of the process is a waiting game. Once the stains have cured to the point where they are solid, at least two coatings of satin finish are applied. This coating serves three purposes. First it provides a layer of protection between the stained wood and the outside air. Second, the satin finish adds a shiny sheen to the wood. And finally the coating really makes the colors pop!

Coffee and End Tables Re-Staining


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