Restoring and Antique Wood Entrance

Project Overview

Heritage’s staff recently completed the restoration of an antique entrance for St. Bede’s Academy. Since portions of the entrance trim had to be restored without disassembly, specialized techniques were employed to repair and refinish each surface. Several doors, a stained glass window frame, and an original light fixture were also repaired and finished to a like-new condition.

Project Video
In Depth

Heritage was approached to restore the ceremonial entrance for St Bede’s Academy, a traditional high school founded in 1890. This 128-year-old wood was removed from the site for repairs and refinishing. The fourteen foot tall archway was a single, solid piece that required careful movement in interior spaces. Using chemical solvents, the decaying finish was removed from each part of the entrance, revealing their original colors.

Several woodworking techniques (including the ‘Dutchman’ patching method) were employed to repair preexisting damages. Decades worth of residue had to be removed from cracks and crevices in both the doors and trim. To create a rich, reddish-brown exterior, multiple layers of stain and finish were applied to the surfaces. Since the entrance is exposed to exterior weather conditions, protective sealants were added after the finish dried. At this time, a light fixture from the campus entrance hall was given a shining golden coat of paint.

After all of the components had dried and cured, Heritage’s staff transported them to the academy. The large archway was installed first, followed by the door frames and trim. Next, the doors were placed into their frames and fitted with new hardware. Finally the light fixture was re-hung to provide its illumination. After several weeks of hard labor, the school’s entrance was fully restored reinstalled.

Items Restored
  • Exterior Archway
  • Four Doors
  • Stained Glass Window Frame
  • Ornate Light Fixture
  • Door Frames
  • New Door Hardware
  • Multiple Pieces of Trim
    • Base Trim
    • Corner Trim
    • Wall Trim

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