Unity Temple Interior

For the Historical Institution

The projects and designs completed by Heritage Restoration and Design Studio often contain a historic component. Our company is rooted in six generations of experience dating back to 1820. We work in many institutions that are of a historic nature, either by age or by certification from historic preservation societies. Sometimes we will restore and preserve entire interiors, while other projects require only the restoration of interior elements such as woodworking, flooring, plaster and paint, lighting, leaded glass windows or items of antiquity. Regardless, our staff is qualified to handle most any type of restoration.

However, we don’t just work in historical buildings. Our designing and manufacturing skills give Heritage Restoration the ability to perform traditional, quality work in any new building. Many of our clients live and work in modern facilities. Often these structures are severely lacking in charm and style. With proper designing, even a stark environment can be ‘accented’ with traditional work. This method adds a great amount of aesthetic appeal and value to a space. When the environment changes for the better, so does the attitude and work ethic of persons in those surroundings.

So, where do we work....
  • Historic and modern structures, or areas with elements that are historic or modern.
    • Homes
    • Courthouses
    • Museums
    • Churches
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Libraries
    • Etc...

If unique, well-designed traditional work is of interest to you, we are the company to call. Remember, “Design, Restore and Preserve for the Future”.

Heritage has experience in new and historical design and fabrication. Contact our trained staff to get the ball rolling on your restoration or preservation project.